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  • 30 degrees north altitude is the place where some of the most vigorous cities in the world are located. The meeting place of the parallel with china’s long coastline is Zhenhai, the charming district ...
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    Source:本站     Date:2008-03-18

        “Zhenhai, China”, the government portal, as a total platform issuing information and providing service on the Internet, which considers “for common people, facilitate common people, favor common people” as the object, taking issuing the governmental information, providing convenient service and expanding on-line management as the primary coverage. It is the area government that propaganding Zhenhai area politics, economy and development and so on, which cover various aspects. It serves common people, enterprises and serves as the bridge between domestic and foreign public figures, which is a gateway contacting and exchanging between various departments of government, various streets subnet websites and the public.

        “Zhenhai, China”, the government portal, tries to manifest the characteristics of “transparent” and “cherish common people”: make information public - - for you issuing all kinds of rules and regulations, regulated documents and authoritative information of area government immediately; On-line management - - for the city residents, the enterprises and investors providing integrative services including management guide, accepting and handling on-line business, and inquiring state of affairs; convenient service for the common people - - providing you with all kinds of public services and practical information inquiry close related to life and work; Interactive platform - - the mailbox of the chief executive of district government, online investigations, online consultation and complaints providing you with channels interacting with the government.

        “Zhenhai, China”, the government portal, takes “concise, practical, people oriented” as the principle, the main columns on the website include: Zhenhai important news, make the government affairs public, the mailbox of the chief executive of district government, online management hall, the public surveillance, entering Zhenhai, online investigations, convenient service, the enquiry service, the website guidance, custom-tailor according to personalization, Internet search engine, the windows of Zhenhai enterprises, Zhenhai government affairs forum and so on. It provides the newest important news of government affairs, the work tendency, the policies and regulations, the newest documents, the personnel appoint and dismiss, government affairs and so on, and can visit classified government information of the area government various departments, the service, the guidance and online handles through “Zhenhai, China”, the government portal.


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