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    Spend the traditional Chinese New Year in the museum! The Ningbobang Museum displays the flavor and culture of the Chinese New Year
    Source:www.zhxww.net     Date:2023-01-30

    January 24 is the third day of the Chinese New Year. The Ningbobang Museum is decorated with lanterns and colorful decorations, being filled with a festive flavor of the Chinese New Year. A variety of activities enable citizens and tourists to enjoy the Chinese New Year holiday in a festive cultural atmosphere.

    Lantern is an important entertainment culture of the Han nationality for thousands of years. It has both the function of playing an opera to thank the gods and the value of entertaining people, adding luster to the festive holiday and praying for peace and safety. On the same day, the New Year projection lantern DIY themed "Jade Rabbit ushers in a colorful new year" was being held. Children gathered together, drawing, cutting, folding... under the patient guidance of the teachers, they made beautiful and exquisite lanterns.

    "This kind of activity is very meaningful. It has trained the child's hands-on ability and communication ability, and he has also made new friends!" Ms. Shao, a citizen, brought her child here during the holiday. She said that these activities allowed the children to experience the traditional Chinese culture as much as possible in playing.

    Celebrate the Chinese New Year with laughter. In the public space of the Coffee Bar, adults and children are taking part in the lantern riddle contest with their tickets to win the Chinese New Year gift. How lively!

    According to the relevant person in charge of the Ningbobang Museum, this year, the museum has carefully prepared a series of activities for citizens and tourists, including the Chinese New Year riddle guessing, "Our Festival" New Year of Rabbit special activities, "Song-style Culture" Chinese New Year themed activities, "Fantastic Ideas" Chinese New Year science popularization activities, the Year of Rabbit cultural relics' picture exhibition, the "Print Collection" activity and the "Hundred Blessings at the Door with the Jade Rabbit Coming to Celebrate the Chinese New Year" special activity at the Yue-Kong Pao's former residence for the Spring Festival presented favorable New Year gifts to the visitors in the form of intangible cultural heritage, Song rhyme, popular science, interactive activities and so on.

    In the second half of the holiday, the Ningbobang Museum continued to present wonderful activities. Watching exhibitions, guessing riddles, award-winning knowledge questions and answers, taking favorite pictures for Moments, New Year's messages, hand-on inquiry activities with the Song rhyme... to welcome visitors to the museum for a happy year of culture.