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    The Ningbo Oriental University of Technology (temporary name) Supercomputing Center put into use
    Source:www.zhxww.net     Date:2023-01-16

    "The first phase of the university's computing platform has been completed. The computing capacity here reaches 2.5PFlops. According to the plan, the computing capacity of the university's computing platform will reach 10PFlops within three years." On January 15, on the second floor of a building in the transition campus of the Ningbo Oriental University of Technology (temporary name) (Tongxin Lake Campus), Zeng Wenjun, Vice President of the Ningbo Oriental Institute of Technology, pointed to the supercomputing center that had been put into use.

    For colleges and universities, the importance of scientific research platform is beyond doubt. At the beginning of preparation, the Ningbo Oriental University of Technology (temporary name) has laid out six scientific research platforms, including a computing platform, an imaging platform, a micro-nano platform, an electrochemical platform, an AI Research Institute and Digital Twin Research Institute. Among them, the Digital Twin Research Institute will be jointly built by the Ningbo Municipal People's Government and the Ningbo Oriental University of Technology (temporary name), with an investment of 800 million yuan within five years.

    Zeng Wenjun pointed out that digital twinning involves many disciplines and is the key basic technology to realize digital economic development and intelligent manufacturing, and can be applied in many fields. In order to achieve stability and further development, we must break through key basic technologies. The Digital Twin Research Institute will focus on intelligent hardware and perception, modeling and simulation, AI big data, Internet of Things, information security and other sub-directions, and explore key basic technologies.

    "The Digital Twin Research Institute focuses on the research and development of scene industrialization. It's hoped that it can be transferred or landed in the industry and promote the high-quality development of the Zhenhai District and Ningbo City's economy and society." Zeng Wenjun said that the goal of the AI Research Institute is to build a world-class AI research institute to meet the national and local development needs, involving machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing, AI systems and other research directions.