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    Cultural volunteers take photos free of charge for the elderly in the community
    Source:www.zhxww.net     Date:2022-01-04

    The above photo was taken when the volunteers were taking photos of the elderly.

    On December 31, 2021, the Zhenhai District Cultural Center, together with the Zhenhai District Photographers’ Association and the Zhaobaoshan Subdistrict Photography Association, jointly established a photography service team composed of cultural volunteers to carry out grass-roots Spring-Festival-themed activities in the Chezhanlu Community.

    During the activity, photography volunteers visited families, carrying with them cameras and tripods on their back to take photos free of charge for the elderly in the community, recording the last day of 2021. The photos taken on the day will also be selected, developed and distributed to each family participating in the shooting.

    “This is so sweet! On the last day of 2021, receiving such a loving gift is of special significance to us.” Grandma Wang said.

    As is learnt, this activity aims to root culture and literature at the grass-roots level. Cultural volunteers actively play a role of serving the people by practicing the concept of “Photography for the People”, and take practical actions to encourage people from all walks of life in the society to care for the elderly, and build and share a better life together.