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    Never slackening epidemic prevention even during the holiday for the scenic spots to welcome tourists in perfect order
    Source:www.zhxww.net     Date:2022-01-04

    The above photo was taken when the working staff of the garden was checking the digital travel records and health QR code of a tourist.

    Here comes the New Year’s Day. All scenic spots in Zhenhai welcome the first batch of tourists in the beginning of this year. In the morning of January 1, reporters came to the Ningbo Botanical Garden to check what the working staff were doing to ensure epidemic prevention in the garden during the New Year’s Day holiday.

    At around 9 a.m., January 1, 2022, there were already many tourists in the Ningbo Botanical Garden. Before entering the garden, the management staff of the garden would carefully check tourists’ digital travel records and health QR codes, and the tourists took the initiative to wear masks and cooperate to have their temperature measured. When purchasing tickets and queuing, a distance of one meter is also maintained in between. After each group of tourists enter the garden, the sanitation personnel will carefully wipe to disinfect the handrails, platforms and other public areas.

    Mr. Ding, a resident from Yuyao, drove to the botanical garden to enjoy the plum blossom on that day. “The whole epidemic prevention inspection in the garden is particularly good. Although the admission procedure is complex, this can ensure the safety of our tourists. We are delighted to support it.” said Mr. Ding.

    “When tourists entering the garden, we would have their temperature measured; check their digital travel records and health QR codes, and guide them to wear masks and maintain distance in between, so as to provide a safe environment for tourists to enjoy the holiday.” Guo Kailun, a management staff of the Ningbo Botanical Garden, said.