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    Complaints to Zhenhai Tourism
    Source:本站     Date:2008-02-18

    The touists have the following ways to complain:

    1, the tourists can complain by phone. The complaint TEL of Ningbo City Supervisory Bureau of Tourism Quality is 87291299、96118, the complaint TEL of the Zhenhai district Supervisory Bureau of Tourism Quality is 86281106.

    2. the tourists can complain with documents. In the complaint documents, you’re supposed to write clearly your name, legal addresses, contacts, the name of the department or person you want to complain, the request and the reason of complaint, with proofs like the tourism contract, the travel arrangement and invoices attached. If it’s a group complaint, you’d better entrust a representative and present a proxy. The tourists conserve the rights of giving up or change your complaint requests.


    The supervisory bureau of tourism quality of all levels will respond in 30 days and prolong the time period properly for the major and complicated complaints.


    The complaint Tel to tourist enterprises in Zhenhai district


    86256642     the tourist resort of Zhaobao Mountain


    86254768   coast defense memorial hall :


    86312262      Zhaobao Mountain Restaurant


    86317777-6801    Jiulong mountain retreat


    56160888-6315    Xiangyi Xinxing Hotel


    86456418-8206   east sea hotel


    86316666-6201   Xiongzhen Hotel


    86593655   Luotuo Hotel


    86278077   the Tiandi Tourist Development Co. Ltd ,Zhenhai


    86264018    the tourist service Co.Ltd , Zhenhai


    86275854   the Tianxia tourism Co. Ltd, Zhenhai

    86372888    Ala travel agency Co .Ltd

    86271025    Zhenhai travel agency Co.Ltd


    the outbound travel complaint TEL


    0066-2-1155    the complaint TEL of Thailand  tourism board


    0060-3-26935188    the complaint TEL of Malaysia tourism board


    18007363366  the complaint TEL of Singapore tourism Board(free in Singapore)

    021-52985688    the complaint TEL of shanghai office of Singapore tourism board


    00852—25081234  the complaint TEL of  Hongkong Tourism Board


    00852-29292222  The complaint hotline of consumer council, hongkong :



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