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    Zhenhai People’s Park
    Source:本站     Date:2008-02-18



    Zhenhai People’s Park is located in the suburb of Zhenhai covering a total area of 3.6 hectare. It is tranquil and borders Lincang River and Hao River on its north west. The original site of the park was once the location of county government. In the 24th year of People’s Republic, the backyard and garden was open to public and renamed as Zhongshan Park. In the early years of anti-Japanese period, the county’s government office was bombed to ruins. In 1964, the place was put under the administration of gardens station and recalled as the People’s Park in 1967. It was reopened to the public as a modern park in 2002 after re-fixing and expansion. It features 30 famous ancient trees with such scenic spots as rockwork, fountain, streams and gullies, the sinking square, and galleries and arched bridges, in which people will have a great time for entertainment and sightseeing.