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  • 30 degrees north altitude is the place where some of the most vigorous cities in the world are located. The meeting place of the parallel with china’s long coastline is Zhenhai, the charming district ...
    Investing Environment
    Source:本站     Date:2008-02-18

    Aviation :It is only 20Km away from Ningbo Lishe International Airport, which has opened over40 flight from Ningbo to various places both at home and abroad.

    Railway: Feeder Xiaoshan-Ningbo railway traverses the whole area.It directly reaches Zhenhai Harbor.

    Road:  Shanghai-Hangzhou- Ningbo Expressway directly reaches Beilun Harbor through Chennai


    Harbor: Zhenhai Harbor is a Key component part among the big oriental harbors in China.At present it has seven berths above ten thousand tons level.It also owns the largest domestic liquid chemical industry wharf which can undertake the transportation of groceries,containers,coals,liquefied products etc.It has commercial interflows with the continents such as Europe,Asia,America and so forth.

    Communication:it has a hundred thousand program-controlled telephones.The digital mobile communication,fibre optic cable,various broad bands cover the whole area.It can hold direct telephone communications and data transmission with over 100 countries and regions.

    Power-supply:All the power has been supplied by East China Electric Network.The installed capacity of Zhenhai Power Plant is 1,050,000KW.It has been completed for electrcity generation.

    Gas-supply:The gas supply capacity of Zhenhai Heat&Power Plant can attain 132tons per hour.

    Low beach resources:Recently it has developed and is developing 495,000hectares of low beaches.





    Soft Environment

    Firstly, services of “integral process” and “all-arrangement” are provided for the investment and start-up of enterprises to form a system of services in line with the international practice. Economic Services Center is established in the district and open green pass-way to the investment of more than 1 million dollars. Professional staffs are organized in every industrial park to provide comprehensive services for foreign investors in the application of projects and start-up and operation of enterprises.

    Secondly, the district boasts the functional organizations and agencies of all kinds with considerate services. The functional organizations and agencies such as the Customs, Finance and tax Units, insurance companies, foreign exchange management, lawyer firms, accounting firms, auditing firm, and talent centers can offer efficient services of high quality. Commercial banks of their branches are all over the district.

    Thirdly, the supporting facilities of various kinds are distributed around the district. As a newly –emerging port, Ningbo features residential areas of all types suitable for the accommodation of foreign investors. International schools, hospitals, international chain stores, stadium of comprehensive functions, golf course and other places of entertainment can well satisfy the customers’ needs of dwelling, transportation, entertainment, shopping, medical services and education, etc.

    Last but not the least, social stability with good social order is maintained in the district and people are kind and hardworking with strong awareness of laws. The construction of government credit which is carried out presently can well promote the efficiency the government and effect of staff’s administration according to the law. The transparency and justice of the government activities can be enhanced to accelerate the credit construction of the whole society as a model.


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