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    Measures on Promoting the Development of the City OpenEconomy in 2006
    Source:本站     Date:2008-02-18

    The following measures on promoting the development of the city open economy in 2006 are formulated to comprehensively implement the scientific outlook on development and accelerate the transformation of the economic growth mode while earnestly adjusting the foreign trade structure and effectively enhancing the operation of foreign trade:

     I. Optimize the structure and transform the growth mode of foreign trade

     i. implement the strategy of a multi-outlet market and encourage enterprises to open up newly emerging market

    1.Continue to motivate enterprises of all kinds in the city to participate in the overseas exhibitions. Subsidies of the stall expenses can be granted to enterprises for attending some overseas export exhibitions or expos. More efforts should be exertedto support the development of newly emerging market. As for some important export (commodities) fairs organized domestically by the government departments, subsidies of the stall expenses can be given properly, the concrete measures of which will be decided separately.

    2. Encourage enterprises to strengthen operating management and reduce the risks of receiving remittance. As for the products of city-owned enterprises exported to the regions of type A and B(i.e. developed countries and regions), 20 percent of the insurance premium for export credit insurance will be covered by the government. As for those products exported to the regions of type C,D and E(i.e. undeveloped) countries and regions), 40 percent of the insurance premium for export credit insurance will be covered by the government. With the above-mentioned measures in consideration, such product sets or complete appliances with advanced technology as equipment sets, automobiles or ships produced by the city-owned enterprises will be given an extra subsidy of 10 percent of the insurance premium for export credit insurance. 20 percent of the insurance premium for export credit insurance will be covered by the government concerning the products which are made by non-city-owned enterprises and exported to the regions of type C, D and E (undeveloped countries). The subsidy for insurance premium granted to each enterprise should generally within RMB600, 000. 

    3. Intensify the publicity and advertising and to in supportof key trade fairs, expos and exhibitions both at home and abroad. Special funds are set up to be used for some overseas fairs and expos which have a lot of influence and the publicity of export product and key displays of Ningbo export companies in Guanghzou Trade Fair,(and) East China Trade Fair.

    ii. Implement the strategy of flourishing the trade through science and technology, develop export-oriented agriculture and motivate enterprises to adjust export products mix.

    1. Encourage the export of high-tech products. Trading export companies of all types in Ningbo exporting high-tech products of domestic proprietary intellectual property rights will be rewarded RMB100, 000 provided that they achieved more than 50 million dollars in export amount of high-tech products in 2006 and an increase of more than 5 percent compared to that of the prior year. Those which have achieved more than 30 million dollars in 2006 will be rewarded RMB 50,000. The term of “high-tech products” mentioned here refers to the products summary listed in the Catalogue of Five Ministries and Commissions.

    2. Enterprises of all types exporting software programs in the city can be granted a reward of RMB 0.1 for every dollar of the verified inward remittance.

    3. Enterprises of all types exporting agricultural products of more than 500, 000 dollars will be rewarded 0.03 yuan for every one dollar that exceeds the base number (here referring to the export amount of the previous year).  As for those enterprises which have no remarkable achievements, the reward should be reduced to one half according to the corresponding export amount.

    iii. Implement the strategy of assuring success by quality and enhance the competitiveness of export products.

    1. Support export enterprises to register trade marks overseas. Exporting enterprises of all types in the city which have export volume of more than 15 million dollars and the registered trademarks certificate issued in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and foreign countries will receive a lump-sum subsidy of 5000 yuan.

    2. Enterprises which are honored as “the famous export brand greatly supported by the Department of Commerce for development” will be granted a reward of 60,000 yuan. Enterprises which are honored as “famous export brand of Ningbo” will be rewarded 30,000 yuan.

    3. Motivate enterprises to carry out the quality certification. Enterprises which have exportamount of more than 15 million dollars will be rewarded 15,000yuan for passing every certification of the following, namely ISO14000 environmental management system certification, GB/T2800 professional health security management system certification, food safety management system certification and theecological textiles green certification. 

    iv. Promote the diversification of trading modes and increase the comprehensive competitiveness of foreign trading companies.

    1. Encourage the export agency. Enterprises of all types in Ningbo acting as export agents of the products manufactured by the companies outside Ningbo will get a reward of 0.03 yuan for every dollar of the export volume of agency.

    2. Support the development of import trade encouraged by the state. Trading enterprises of all types specialized in the import of foreign advanced technologies, advanced equipments and resource products by common means of import will be rewarded RMB100, 000 on the condition that they have achieved increase in import volume or are among the top 10 enterprises in the city. Those which rank between the 11th and 20th will be rewarded 80,000. Foreign advanced technologies mentioned above refer to the introduced technology project verified by the concerning government agencies or organizations with registration of import and payment of foreign exchange. Advanced equipments mentioned above refer to the imported equipments other than those listed in the Catalogue of Non-Tax-Free Imported Commodities of Domestic-Funded Products. The resources products mentioned above refer to the products listed in Chapter 26, 27, 44, 47, 51, 72, 74, 75, 76, 78, 79, 80, 81 of Imported Commodities of Harmonized System..

    3. Stimulate the development of processing trade. Export enterprises of all types, which have achieved an increase in export volume of processing trade with export volume exceeding 200 million dollars while ranking the first 5 of all enterprises in Ningbo, will be rewarded a  lump-sum of RMB100, 000. Those which have export volume of more than 20 million dollars and rank the fist 15 enterprises in Ningbo in terms of export volume will be granted a reward of RMB 60,000.

    4. Enhance the management of processing trade by guiding the upgrading of qualifications of processing trade enterprises. Processing trade enterprises of all types which are honored as A-level by the Customs will be rewarded RMB 10,000. Enterprises will be rewarded RMB 10,000 provided that they have realized the supervision and management of Customs by the networking.

    v. Encourage enterprises to carry out “two opposing and two protective” measures” and perfect the public information services platform with an aim of increasing enterprises’ capacity to handle the international market.

    1. Trading companies of all types and other organizations and units will be granted certain support provided that they are actively dealing with trade and investment barriers and “two opposing and two protective measures” conducted by foreign companies .

    2. WTO Services Centers which are operated according to related rules and standards and thus achieved satisfying services will be provided with certain amount of fund as support for development.

    3. Special funds are arranged for the construction of public information services platform for the development of foreign economic trade. Efforts should be exerted to establish channels of various kinds for the publicity, promotion, counseling of the brand products and their concerning information about goods and customers

    II. Attach importance to quality and increase the efficiency of utilizing foreign investment

    i. Special fund should be established by the government’s revenue in Ningbo for the support of grand economic and trade activities such as Zhejiang Trade and Investment Symposium and Chinese International Consumer Goods Fair.

    ii. Intensify the mediumconstruction of development zone with an aim to stimulate a new round of development and construction

    1. Subsidies for the capacity expansion of new areas, development and construction of provincial and city development zone. The subsidies should be realized on the basis of comprehension evaluation in accordance with the scale of capacity expansion, the investment of infrastructure and facilities and the newly-settled resident numbers. The economic development zones in Fenghua, Ninghai and Xiangshan County should be offered double subsidies with the concrete measures decided separately.

    2. Bonus for the performance appraisals of provincial and city development zone. Development zone will be offered bonus provide that they have achieved the annual objective designated by the municipal government and are honored as the model provincial and citydevelopment zone in line with the annual performance appraisal methods of the province and city. 

    iii. Reward the recommender of the investment invitation project.

    In order to give full play to the initiative of people from all walks of life in investment invitation, according to the requirements stipulated in Certain Opinions on

    the implementation of rewards to the recommender of foreign investment invitation project(issued by the office of Ningbo People’s Government in 2001 (No.51) ), special funds are established to reward the recommender of foreign investment invitation project.

    iv. Intensify the introduction of key foreign investment project

    The organizations or units, governing the introduction of such investment projects as foreign investment projects, grand investment projects from the world top 500 enterprises, infrastructure and facilities projects, high-tech investment projects and modern services projects of logistics, will receive certain amount of support fund based on the realization of foreign fund. The concrete measures will be decided separately.

     v. Promote the diversification of investment invitation and broaden its corresponding area of investment

    Enhance the operation, management and technological development of the privately operated enterprises by earnestly accelerating the business invitation of private enterprises. Certain support is provided by the means of fund to encourage the oversea business invitation agency.

    vi. Strengthen the fundamental work of investments invitation

    Certain amount of fund is arranged for such activities as the construction of “four databases and one system”, the information sharing of investments invitation projects, the arrangement of investments invitation activities both at home and abroad and the fundamental work of investment invitation.

    III. Grasp the opportunities and motivate enterprises to implement the going globally strategy

    i. encourage the enterprise to set up overseas trading center and carry out overseas processing trade business and so on

    Enterprises of all types in the city newly engaged in the operation of overseas processing trade, overseas resources development, offshore mergers and acquisition, listing in foreign market will be subsidized for RMB 30,000 to 150,000 according to the factual investment by the Chinese part. As for the newly established trading centers or professional market, subsidies will be granted according to the factual investment and operation outcome.

    ii. Set up Venturing special Funds for Letters of Guarantee on Foreign Contracting Projects

    Special fund should be established from the government revenue of

    Ningbo as venturing special funds for letters of guarantee on foreign contracting projects to support the conduction of foreign contracting projects. The concrete measures will be formulated separately.

    iii. Encourage the enterprises to carry out foreign economic technical cooperation

    Measures should be taken to encourage the enterprises of all types in the city to conduct such activities as foreign contracting projects, overseas resources development and foreign-aid projects. Every dollar of the turnover within the range of base number will be rewarded 0.005 yuan. As for those exceeding the base number of foreign contracting project and foreign resources development, every dollar of the extra part will be rewarded 0.015 yuan. Every dollar of aiding foreign project investment of less than the base number will be rewarded 0.03 yuan, every dollar of the extra part of those exceed the base number will be rewarded 0.0015 yuan.

    iv. Assist enterprises to reduces risks and financing cost

    Certain amount of subsidies are given to cover the expenses occurred in the overseas investment project, foreign contracting project insurance and their corresponding guarantee of the development zoneof manufacturing and resources development. Enterprises can be offered subsidies for the expenses occurred in the following circumstances including overseas bidding, contracts honoring and advancepayment for the expenses concerning letter of indemnity.

    v. Support the promotion of going-out strategy

    Fund expenditures are arranged for the counseling of “going out” strategy, the establishment of management services platform and encouragement of the promoting organizations

    IV. Create favorable conditions to lighten the economic and trade burdens of the enterprises by intensifying the financial assistance and support of foreign trade and economic enterprises.

    Efforts should be exerted to stimulate the enterprises to carry out business of export tax refund trust loan and such financial operations as listed in export credit insurance policies. Ningbo Bureau of Foreign Economic and Trade Cooperation recommended a batch of enterprises featuring sound operation and good credits to apply for the import and export loan in 2006.

    V. Support the cultivation and attraction of talents of various types and increase the competitive edge of foreign trade and economic talents(enhance the competitiveness) 

    i. Certain amount of subsidies should be granted for the support of recruitment of foreign trade and economic talents organized by the concerning organizations and units of the city.

     ii. Subsidies in proportion should be granted to the staff and workers in services to cover the training fees in their application for such certificates of export sales staff, shipping staff, Customs officer, taxes clerk concerning export tax refund and accounting staff in foreign trade upon their acquirement of the corresponding certificate.

    iii. Certain amount of subsidies should be granted for the introduction and training of talents in the fields of international operation and professional technicians.

    VI. Performance Appraisals and reward for the implementation of open economy

     Performance appraisals and reward of such aspects as foreign trade, utilization of foreign trade, international economic and technical cooperation and the services qualities for opening-up economy should be carried out by the concerning organization and units of the city. They are made up different levels of people’s government, management committee of Ningbo Economic and Technical Development Zone, Ningbo Science and technological park.

    VII. the measures should be taken into execution since the date of January 1, 2006.