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  • 30 degrees north altitude is the place where some of the most vigorous cities in the world are located. The meeting place of the parallel with china’s long coastline is Zhenhai, the charming district ...
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    Source:www.zh.gov.cn     Date:2008-02-18

    30 degrees north altitude is the place where some of the most vigorous cities in the world are located. The meeting place of the parallel with china’s long coastline is Zhenhai, the charming district of Ningbo, which is the central city in the south of Yangtze Delta Region. Zheihai district is facing Shanghai Pudong new area across water in the north and Zhoushan Archipelago across the east sea in the east.


    The vastity of the east sea brings Zhenhai a rich foundation for Ocean historical culture. When china developed its foreign trade in Song dynasty, Zhenhai is the starting place for China’s maritime Silk Road. Its unique location as the “a gateway for eastern Zhenjiang province” brings the town of strategic importance and makes the town go through the repelling of Japanese pirates, anti-British war ,anti-France Battle and the anti-Japanese War. Since the 19TH century, Zhenhai people flowed downstream the Yong River one after another and were active in the world economic field. The elites in them made Ningbo-Group Businessmen world-famous for representing the pioneering spirit in modern china.

    Besides, Zhenhai boasts of 26 the CAS and CAE academician whose original family home were in Zhenhai; it’s also rich in good painting and calligraphy works, with dozens of famous painters like Chin Yifei and so on. All of these contribute Zhenhai as a district with a long history and a gathering place for talents.

    Nowadays, Zhenhai is the key development zone of Ningbo city, an economic center in the south of Yangtze Delta Region. On the land of 236 square kilometers, 225,000 Zhenhai people have made a great achievement. In 2006, Zhenhai’s GDP per capita has reached $12,000, financial revenue per capita has reached 12,000 RMB and the per capita disposable income of residents living in cities and towns almost achieved 20,000 RMB, which topped the counties and districts in Zhejiang province.

    The coastal town of strategic importance, the hometown of business group

    The sea contributed to the tough character of Zhenhai people. Historically, it’s been a land of heroes. In the past 1,500 years since the war between Sun’en and Liuyu in east Han dynasty, Zhenhai has witnessed the repelling of Japanese pirates, anti-British war, anti-France Battle and the anti-Japanese War. Many historical sites of coastal defense works have been kept to this day.

    The solid Anyuan Gun Battery, magnificent Weiyuan city wall,Pan pool, the martyrdom place of Yu Qian and the castles lined with Yong River with countless bullet holes are telling the heroic stories of soldiers and civilians of Zhenhai fending off the marine invaders. The names of the heroes will forever be recorded in china’s history of resisting foreign invasion. The historic sites are silent, but the great spirit will kept in people’s mind. The marine defense culture centering on the Four Antis (the repelling of Japanese pirates, anti-British war, anti-France Battle and the anti-Japanese War) has shaped the great unswerving spirit of Chinese people.

    Zhenhai, as a place of distinguished people, is also a birthplace of Ningbo group businessmen abroad. In the middle of 19th century, it was from here (Zhaobao Mount., the estuary of Yong River) that Ningbo People went to the world one after another, which inaugurated the century-long brilliant history of Ningbo group businessmen. Contemporarily, a lot of merchants got a start from Zhenhai and finally got a success, such as Bao Yugang, the shipping tycoon and Shao Yifu, the film&TV making magnate. According to statistics, 23,000 or so Ningbo group businessmen with original family house in Zhenhai are living abroad and in Hongking, Macao and Taiwan, and are in full swing in the world economic fields. They shaped the most famous businessman group in modern and contemporary china with the most pioneering spirit.

    Wealthy Jiaochuan and Charming Zhenhai

    Zhenhai was prosperous in the history, now Zhenhai is under all-round development. Since china’s reform and opening to the outside world, under the leadership of Zhenhai District Committee of CPC and Zhenhai People’s government, Zhenhai people are changing the district from an ancient county built in Tang dynasty into a potential new one with developed economy, convenient transportation. Zhenhai, is the national key area for development and construction.


    Zhenhai boasts of a good location. Zhenhai port is the major part of Zhoushan port, Ningbo, which is the second biggest port mainland china, enjoying dedicated berth for 50,000-tonnage of liquid chemicals. In the 1970s, a quantity of national key projects such as Zhenhai refinery and Zhenhai power plant came to the district. Nowadays, in our district there are over 40 enterprises run by ministries, provinces and city governments such as Zhenhai refinery chemical cooperation and the third branch of Zhenhai Petrochemical Co.,making Zhenhai national a big industrial base with major engineering corporations most concentrated. Recently, guided by the principle of “big investment, big development”, aiming to build industry parks with characteristics and competitiveness. Zhenhai district government carried out large-scale infrastructure construction in order to attract more investment. Now, we already have three characteristic industry parks: Zhenhai economic development zone with precision machinery, information, warehousing and logistics as leading industries;Luotuo Mechanical & Elec industry park with Mechanical & Elec as major industry and Ningbo chemical industy zone which is developing a petrol chemical industry featured by the developing and further processing of three major Composite materials, supported by the project of Oil Refining Industry and Ethylene Industry with main raw materials of olefin and aromatics. Now, the chemical zone has become a heavy chemical industry of great importance in Yangtze Delta Region. Zhenhai new city is the key construction region in Ningbo City’s 11th five- year planning period.in the near future, the new city will become the sub-CBD of the central city of Ningbo, the northern business and trade center, the core education area as well as the scientific and technological base in Ningbo city.

    To the land of vitality also came a large number of famous international companies such as LG. Electronics Korea, Jingfeng Co.Taiwan, Toshiba Japan, N.V., Arnhem Netherlands, which is a strong impetus for the regional economic development. Now, more than 700 foreign-invested ventures have factories here. A industrial structure dominated by Mechanical & Elec, refined chemistry, petrol, light industry and food industry has already shaped, and the tertiary industry like the real estate, warehousing, logistics industry and tourism is becoming the new economic growth point.

    Time brings a great change to the world, the past beaches now has been up to a modern chemical industrial zone and the farm has grown up to steel forest and iron towers with the great help of modern science and technology. Zhenhai integrated the ideas of recycling economy and clean manufacturing into the economic development and realized the great leap of economic sustainable development. In 2006, Zhenhai developed quickly with the notable improvement of people’s living standard. The GDP per capita reached over $12,000, financial revenue per capita has reached 12,000 RMB and the per capita disposable income of residents living in cities and towns almost achieved 20,000 RMB.


    Eco-district and beautiful homeland

    During the tenth five-year project, the Gross Industrial Output Value of district-run enterprises annually increased with the average speed of 32.3%, but the district’s index for main pollutant discharge gross quantity decreased by 12% and the   of city air quality always kept 100%. In 2006, Zhenhai established fluently the national environment-friendly region fluently. Grenn has been the dominating color of the environment-friendly city and bear people’s good wishes for the future life.

    Developing recycling economy is an effective way for implementation of Scientific Development Awareness. In Ningbo Chemical industry zone, leaded by the Zhenhai refinery chemical cooperation, 40 or so enterprises have formed elementary recycling industrial system. Industrial Park Administrative Committee declined firmly any companies not in accordance with industrial request with strict admittance standard. In recent 3 years, the committee denied over 100 industrial projects, investment of 3.2 billion RMB yuan involved.

    In recent years, Zhenhai invested more than 3 billion RMB yuan on the environment protection and ecological building, and established large-scale ecological forest belts, with green space ratio and urban green coverage reaching 42.8% and 45.1%.


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