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    A group of local sages in the Jiulong Lake Town can’t stay idle, having done more than 100 good things for the hometown over the past 3 years
    Source:www.zhxww.net     Date:2021-02-07

    The above photo was taken when a local sage named Mao Xinliang (right) was delivering custom-made garbage sorting artifact for the Wenxi Village.

    Representatives of local sages of the Wenxi Village, Jiulong Lake Town gathered together to have their annual summary meeting. 10 representatives of local sages reviewed and summarized the work that had been done in 2020, communicated with each other and shared their feelings together, and made suggestions for the future development and construction of their hometown.

    "Under the guidance of Party building and with enthusiasm for our hometown, we unite villagers to face difficulties together." Mao Xinliang, Head of the Wenxi Village Sages’ Association, said at the meeting. In 2020, sages of the Wenxi Village, Jiulong Lake Town, adhered to the spirit of "patriotism, responsibility, unity and hard work", and donated 228,300 yuan and more than 200,000 yuan of materials for epidemic prevention and social relief to help with the development of social livelihood in the Wenxi Village. The rural sages have concentrated on delivering materials for 3 times to help with the epidemic prevention and control; since carrying out rural garbage classification, the rural sage Mao Xinliang has taken the lead in customizing garbage sorting artifact, which could be used by bucket-side supervisors to improve the accuracy of secondary classification; the rural sage Qin Lei has been insisting on carrying out the flower arrangement art training activities to enrich people's daily life and beautify the countryside with art…

    From flood prevention and epidemic prevention to solving neighborhood conflicts, whether it is to provide civilized volunteer services, or to help develop the economy of the hometown, you are to find local sages participating in such activities in Wenxi.

    "Developing the bonsai and flower industry to solve the employment problem of more than 30 villagers; carrying out mountain forest environmental protection; encouraging 100 villagers to participate in voluntary service activities; sending doctors to the countryside to carry out medical treatment free of charge, and raising money for poor households in the village to build houses..." In the meeting book of the village sages in the Wenxi Village, you’ll find records in detail of all kinds of things that village sages have done for the village since the establishment of the Wenxi Village Sages Association in 2018.

    The sages of the Wenxi Village always adhere to the principle of "one person for one thing" and try their best to do at least one thing for the development of their hometown every year. Over the past 3 years, 47 rural sages in Wenxi have been insisted on providing services and have done more than 140 things.

    "No matter the thing is big or small, it's a good thing to add strength to the development of my hometown." Pan An, a local sage, said. Today's Wenxi village, with the help of the local sages, has developed from a remote and backward small mountain village into a "provincial health village", a "municipal ecological village" and a "municipal civilized village". The village has developed a series of farm stays, as well as green industries such as vacation tourism and flower bonsai. Under the guidance of the local culture of sages, villagers of the Wenxi village become more united and happier.

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