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    Zhaobao Mountain Sub-district and Zhuangshi Sub-district shortlisted among the second batch of 4A-level scenic towns (villages/ sub-districts)
    Source:www.zhxww.net     Date:2021-01-26

    The above photo is taken in a place in the Zhaobao Moutain Sub-district.

    The List of the Second Batch of 4A-level Scenic Towns (Villages/ Sub-districts) in Zhejiang has been released, and sub-districts in Zhenhai, including the Zhaobao Mountain Sub-district and the Zhuangshi Sub-district are on the very list.

    It is learnt that the scenic town (village/ sub-district) is a livable, industrious and touring area with approved scope of comprehensive improvement of small-town environment as the core construction scope, radiating the whole town, beautiful landscape environment, perfect public facilities, rich tourism formats, sound management system, and reflects the sharing of the host and guests.

    The Zhaobao Mountain Sub-district clearly defines its image of "an ancient town along the Marine Silk Road and for coast defense· a blessed land with treasure introduction and health preservation", and comprehensively improves the tourism quality from aspects of activity planning and development, scenic spot promotion and design, intangible culture and folk culture display and experience enhancement, public service supporting improvement, environmental landscape improvement, planning of tour routes of unique flavors and night tour routes, and so on.

    The Zhuangshi Sub-district takes the business culture as the highlight and selling point of the culture and tourism industry, and actively creates the landscape of "business seeking roots". The sub-district takes the construction of "Ningbo Community Culture" as the theme, and the route is divided into rural leisure life experience line, Ningbo Community hometown nostalgia line, Zhuangshi old street nostalgia line and so on; with the help of Yongwang Flower Sea, Guangming Pear Garden and other leisure agricultural resources and the cultural accumulation represented by Run Run Shaw and Rita Fan Hsu Lai Tai, the integrated development of agriculture, culture and tourism has been realized, and cultural tourism villages have been built, and the infrastructure has been constantly promoted, thus comprehensively consolidating the foundation of tourism development.

    At present, in addition to the Zhaobao Mountain Sub-district and Zhuangshi Sub-district, the Jiulong Lake Town was rated as one of the first batch of 4A-level scenic towns in Zhejiang Province in 2019. The successful establishment of the 3 towns (sub-districts) has won gold-lettered signboards during the promotion of "full-range tourism" in the Zhenhai District.

    "For the next step, our bureau will consolidate the achievements made in the creation of scenic towns, strengthen the training of tourism management personnel and service personnel, improve professional skills and service capabilities, establish a more perfect tourism reception system, improve the attraction and influence of the tourism industry, and strive to create new tourism highlights in the whole district." a relevant person in charge of the Zhenhai District Culture, Radio, TV, Tourism and Sports Bureau said.

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