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    Jiulong Lake Central School holds garbage classification competition
    Source:www.zhxww.net     Date:2020-12-08

    The above photo was taken at the competition.

    Recently, the gymnasium of the Jiulong Lake Central School was very lively. With the dynamic music rhythm, the Closing Ceremony of Garbage Classification Competition & Science and Technology Festival were unveiled at a creative environmental protection related fashion show. The activity was organized by the People’s Government of the Jiulong Lake Town and undertaken by the Jiulong Lake Yellow Backpack Volunteer Association.

    At the activity, “little models” of all grades wore “environmental protection fashions” made of plastic bags, old newspapers, old CDs and other waste materials. They walked on the small stage with pride and rhythm, fully demonstrating the concept of environmental protection, and won warm applause from the audience.

    “What kind of rubbish is a wine bottle?” “What about a pen case?” As soon as the competition started, there was a strong “gunpowder smell” on the scene. Each group of students calmly responded to the challenges, answered questions without a hesitate, and worked together to complete the tasks of throwing sandbags, two people and three feet, rolling wheels and so on. The subsequent “flying chess” garbage classification activity became a highlight of the competition and was welcomed by all.

    This activity is a summary of the youth garbage classification education promotion mode of “social organization + schools + communities” carried out by the Jiulong Lake Yellow Backpack Volunteer Association. “This year, we have carried out more than 10 activities such as publicity on garbage classification on campus, supervision at the side of buckets, and turning waste into treasure, etc.. More than 400 students have been mobilized to participate in the waste classification.” Liu Xiaoyun, a representative of the Youth League Committee of the Jiulong Lake Town, said. It’s hoped that through the way of a student driving a family, we can promote the participation of the mass public in garbage classification and develop favorable living habits.

    Small hands hand in hand with big ones, and families inviting the whole society to participate. Nowadays, the Jiulong Lake Town has started to promote garbage classification in the whole area, and has achieved 100% pass rate of classification inspection in each place in the area for many times; since November, the classification quality of rural garbage has been ranking the first against all towns (sub-districts) in the Zhenhai District.

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